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All of the shown paintings can be purchased from me as art prints in different sizes. These works have professionally been digitalized to guarantee high definition and no distortions. These paintings look especially fine on aluminium-dibond. This is a photo print on an aluminium sheet sealed with a UV protection lacquer for permanent persistence. More detailed information about the possible prints can be found on
Please contact me for price information and other formats and sizes.


About Diafan

Diafan is derived from the Greek word "diaphainesthai", which means "to shine through". My works have the concept "transparence", the "showing through" in common. The acrylic paintings, like for example, the "Bifröst bridge" or the "Magic tower" are painted with the glaze technique. This means applying thin layers of strongly diluted colours one after the other on the canvas, in order to have the layers shine through the other. This gives the paintings a certain depth that can otherwise not be achieved. The number of my works is therefore not too high, as this technique demands a lot of time.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the stained glass windows of churches and cathedrals. The light that shines through them creates a magical, almost celestial atmosphere. The use of stained glass for sacred purposes is a no-brainer when thinking about this effect. No other art form can create such a contrast and such a high luminous power like light shining through glass. In case of paintings, it is the reflection of light that gives the painting life. In case of stained glass windows, it is the light itself.

The production of stained glass windows is a demanding technique and unfortunately not in fashion at the moment. Additionally, big stained glass windows are almost not affordable for private uses. This inspired me to try and find a possibility to imitate stained glass windows. In the 1930s, Plexiglas (acrylic glass), which is similarly transparent to "normal" silicate glass, was invented. Through a special formula, I managed to create a water-based colour that after drying transforms to homogeneous colourful acrylic glasses - even in thicker layers. This coloured acrylic glass resembles real stained glass made of silicate in an astounding manner. The light acrylic pieces of glass can then be put on the unstained clear glass with either a glue or using electrostasis with PVC film in order to achieve the impression of real stained glass windows.

The third technique is the application of glass or acrylic glass on metal of metal films. In case of glass, this process is known as enameling and has been developed and used since about 2000 B.C. Here the light shining through also creates the special effect. The light shines through the glass, comes upon the metal and is reflected by the latter. This creates particularly brilliant colours and the enameled metals have a very noble look. Even this effect can be shown to its fullest advantage with these newly developed colours. As a base, I use canvas on which I apply metal leaf (gold- or silver imitation). On this base, I apply the acrylic transparent colours, like for instance in my work "dream of the aztec".


Dr. Stefan Weiß
Born on the 6th of August 1981 in Straubing, Germany

„Chemist, developer and manager at MARAWE GmbH & Co. KG,
free artist and creative developer of new colour compositions."

1994 First interest in painting, experiments with oil paint and watercolour
1995 – 1998 Participation in watercolour classes by the artists Friedrich Tschischke and Richard Aichinger in Straubing
2000 Development of an own painting style with acrylic colours through demanding glaze technique
2000 – 2001 Main A-level course in art at the high school Ludwigsgymnasium in Straubing
2002 – 2007 Chemistry studies at the university of Regensburg (Dipl. Chem.)
Creation of works of art with the acrylic glaze technique during my studies
Experiments with enamel techniques and creation of enamel works
2007 – 2011 PhD at the university of Regensburg (Dr. rer. nat.)
2012 Co-founder of the Mark, Raster, Späth, Weiß GbR
Development and sales of creative material (electroplating and surface treatment)
2015 Transformation of the GbR into MARAWE GmbH & Co. KG
2018 Start of the development of special transparence acrylic colours for realistic imitation of stained glass cathedral windows
2019 Completion of the colours and creation of works with the transparence technique on metal films and acrylic glass


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